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How to use?

  • Make sure that your hair is completely dry and clean (without oil and dust).
  • There are two shampoos present inside the Advance Natural box - a colorant and a developer. Put on the gloves (included in the package) and make sure you take equal amounts of both shampoos in your palms. *Hair will not be covered if used in partial quantity.
  • Gently rub your palms together until its mixed.
  • Women should make sure that it is applied liberally from roots to the end. For men, it can be applied on head, chest, and arm hairs.
  • Leave it for 7 minutes and then rinse it off under the shower.
  • Dress up and get ready to show off your beautiful black hair to the world.

Advance Blak Natural

Advance Blak Natural

Naturale Natural Hair Coloring Shampoo

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100% Natural & Effective Hair Coloring and Conditioning Solution.


Naturale Natural Hair Coloring Shampoo will make hair dyeing seem like the easiest thing in the world. It is an easy to use 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and color for grey hair coverage in just 7 minutes. With Naturale Natural Hair Coloring Shampoo, you can dye your hair on your own without anyone's help. There is no ammonia in this shampoo and it contains advanced color lock technology for long-lasting natural black hair. This is the best hair dye for men and women.

Advance Blak Natural

Reviews 11

  • Advance Blak Natural Review 1

    Chirag Mishra

    "With Naturale, I don't have to worry about wasting my money on salons or the side effects like dry hair of other hair dyes.”

  • Advance Blak Natural Review 2

    Balram Trivedi

    “This product helped me get natural-looking black hair and it's so easy to dye hair at home.”

  • Advance Blak Natural Review 3

    Shyam Purve

    “Naturale is the best hair dye I've ever used. I used it for my chest hair and moustache and I loved seeing them turn into a natural-looking black color.”

  • Advance Blak Natural Review 4

    Meenal Bajaj

    “There's no other product like this that could dye my hair black so quickly. There's the best option for natural-looking color without any side effects.”

  • Advance Blak Natural Review 5

    Sunil Verma

    “I was only 21 when my hair started going grey. It was quite embarrassing to see myself in the mirror. With hair colors, I was worried about hair damage. But Naturale colored my hair without any damage.”

  • Advance Blak Natural Review 6

    Sheela Lokhande

    “I had such wonderful hair while I was in school, everybody around couldn't resist but praise the long, black and healthy hair. But once I got into college and started traveling long distances, my hair started turning grey due to stress and pollution. Finally, I decided to dye my hair, and Naturale Natural was the best choice in the market.”

  • Advance Blak Natural Review 7

    Bharti Praveen

    “The product is really good for people who want to dye their own hair. Especially for beginners. It is easy to apply and does not get messy. The color also looks good”

  • Advance Blak Natural Review 8

    Rahul Maheshwari

    10 out of 10. I have used many hair dyes and Naturale is really the best. It gives a very natural-looking color to the hair and also no hair damage!

  • Advance Blak Natural Review 9

    Nayan Pal

    Good product for use at home. Does not make hair go dry and color also lasts long. My one bottle lasted me for a year. just make sure you color your roots regularly when they start showing.

  • Advance Blak Natural Review 10

    -Subhash Prabhakar

    This was recommended to me by a hairstylist. Very easy to use and dyes hair in 7 minutes. During the lockdown, it really helped as I couldn't go to the salon to get my hair dyed.

  • Advance Blak Natural Review 11

    Muskan Gupta

    I really hated having white hairs. I was looking for a good dye. Finally, I decided to try this one. It is really good. I liked the color and it also doesn't fade if you just touch up your roots regularly.


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